Original Myth

Once upon a time there was a goddess named Annethia. She was the daughter of Zeus. One day Zeus’s kingdom was robbed by Poseidon. Zeus got really angry and wanted to start a war. Annethia knew that a war might destroy their world. So she went to Poseidon and said she would do anything for him if he would give back what he took. So after she had did everything he wanted, he gave back everything he took from Zeus. This stopped the war that would’ve happened.

A fact about pi

For Ms. Miskelly’s class we are celebrating pi day. So my fact is, There are no occurrences of the sequence 123456 in the first million digits of pi – but the eight 12345 that do occur, three are followed by another 5. The sequence 012345 occurs twice and, in both cases, it is followed by another 5.

Modern Hero

I think that the best example of a modern hero is a soldier. They leave their families and everything they love and go somewhere to fight for their country.  They are brave,  courageous, and do things to help other people without worrying about themselves.

The Qualities of a Hero

For someone to be a hero, they usually have several qualities. First off, they do things for the good of others instead of theirselves.  Second, they are brave,  intelligent, kind and caring. They do things to help others and make their lives better in some way.

Similarities between Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King were both leaders with similar characteristics. They were both leaders who were against racism and wanted equal rights for all races. Another similarity is that they did this peacefully without fighting. Both had many people who did not like them and were against equal rights. They gave powerful speeches about what they were fighting for.

The End

Christina tells her family her side of the story but no one believes her. They think that she planned it so she could get money to go to France. But this one guy named Kelly says he will help her. Christina is really happy, but she doesn’t like how Kelly suspects people she loves. Christina thinks that there is someone else involved in the kidnapping, and if she can figure out who that is, then she can be proven innocent. Her family thinks she should just let it go.

One night, Christina follows Zack to an apartment building to talk to the other person involved in the kidnapping. She decides that the other person is the son of her housekeeper, Della. She thinks that because he was at the restaurant where Christina first met Zack. Then the book ends. It doesn’t actually say whether or not they figure out if it was him.

Part 3

When Christina goes home, there is a piece of tape in the lock of the door so it can’t lock. She thinks that something has been stolen, but she doesn’t see anything missing. Later, she goes to her friend Lorna’s house. As she is leaving, she is kidnapped. The next day, she wakes up in a basement. A man comes down in a ski mask and tells her that she can’t leave until she signs a letter to her grandmother demanding money. She signs it.

Christina identifies the man as one of the guys that worked at the restaurant she went to the day before. He and his wife would not let her go for a long time. They tricked her into putting her fingerprints all over the house so when a detective comes, he thinks Christina is guilty. Christina gives him evidence that she is innocent, but no one believes her.